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Wexford Loves Our Furry Friends!

Wexford Loves Our Furry Friends!

Wexford knows how important pets are to any family and we are pet friendly.  We even have a dog park!  It’s important to exercise your animals at least 30 minutes per day!  Here are reasons why:

Pudge Prevention

Regular walks combat pet obesity, and go paw-in-paw with good nutrition. Obesity can lead to other conditions like arthritis and diabetes, but it’s completely preventable — so don’t skimp on the daily stroll!

Healthy Bonding

A little one-on-one with your furry friend strengthens your bond and gets you both moving. Dog parents sweat more than people without pets — lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer, too!

Positive Energy

They say a tired dog is a good dog, and walkin’ and waggin’ works wonders to zen your best friend. It can quiet the mind, quench curiosity and get all that energy (that might’ve been used for bad!) out of their system

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