The Townes at Devonshire The Townes at Devonshire

Cathcart Group
Performance Beyond Compare

Cathcart GroupEstablished in 1985, Cathcart Group is a land development company based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our company has successfully developed properties creating luxury multi-family communities that meet resident lifestyle needs. Our well maintained properties are comfortable and modern providing a feeling of home.

Catchart Group has three divisions:

  • Cathcart Development — Development Company
  • Cathcart Construction — Construction Company
  • Cathcart Property Management — Property Management Company

Devonshire is being built by Cathcart Construction which strongly adheres to the principles of the company’s founder, Rip Cathcart: It strives for excellence in all phases of development including; site preparation, using quality building materials and incorporating the latest building techniques. This attention to detail results in Cathcart developing the finest properties and communities in the region. Our exceptional project managers, construction supervisors, and experienced building industry professionals understand what it takes to create desirable communities with all the luxury amenities to fit today's lifestyles.

More information about Cathcart Group can be found on our company web site at: