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2019 Fitness Trends for Your Community Fitness Center

2019 Fitness Trends for Your Community Fitness Center

Fitness in 2019 is focused on personalization and the creation of a workout that addresses your individual goals. The new focus on shorter HIIT workouts makes it more effective than ever to enjoy the fitness resources in your Charleston apartment community. Start 2019 off properly by taking advantage of the state-of-the-art fitness center right outside your door.

New apps and fitness trackers have made it possible for you to take a personal trainer with you to any gym. When you combine streaming workouts that can be used on the equipment available in your apartment community fitness center, you can maximize your workouts and include variety without the hassle of traveling to the gym.

Wexford Apartment Fitness CenterThe top fitness trend in 2019 is “fusion”, a trend in which workout types are mixed and matched to create a whole body workout. Yoga moves that include medicine ball weights, exercises on the balance board, and integrated motion training exercises place emphasis on improving strength and flexibility simultaneously, targeting neglected muscle groups in the process. Your apartment fitness center provides access to a wide variety of training tools that allow you to enjoy some of the more creative workouts without investing in extra equipment.

Apartments in Scott Depot in GymMany of the most popular “fusion” programs involve the HIIT approach – High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT workouts are intended to be shorter thanks to short periods of very high intensity cardio exercise followed by short recovery periods or strength training. Your apartment fitness center is ideally prepared to help you try this new trend, allowing you to combine different types of strength and flexibility equipment with cardio machine intervals. These notoriously short workouts also make it particularly convenient to utilize your apartment fitness center rather than traveling 30 minutes both ways for a 15 minute workout.

If you’ve never visited your apartment community’s fitness center, make a plan to stop by in 2019. The resources to discover your best health without expensive gym memberships is right at home!

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