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Hidden Treasures: Shopping in Charleston

Hidden Treasures: Shopping in Charleston

Living in a Charleston apartment has so many benefits, and the best is the amazing shopping! Charleston shopping is eclectic, sophisticated, and unique, and exploring all your options can be an adventure. Here are some of our favorites to get you started:

Capitol Market
This year-round market is a popular favorite. A varied and exciting blend of fresh farm products and specialty shops makes this indoor/outdoor market the perfect place for a foodie to spend an afternoon shopping. Stock your Charleston apartment kitchen with seafood, freshly carved butcher meats, a wide array of coffee, chocolate, cheese, tea, or enjoy a lunch or dinner in the Market restaurants. You’ll end up coming back often to see what’s new!

Holl’s Handcrafted Swiss Chocolate
Inside the Capitol Market is the much loved Holl’s Chocolate shop. Thirty one mouthwatering chocolates can be bought separately or in a boxed collection to create the perfect gift (or the perfect Friday night treat). The chocolatier also makes delicious confections like Almond and Cashew Bark, Lollipops, Hot Chocolate and more.

Elk City RecordsElk City Records
Do you miss the days when listening to music meant riffling through records at your local record shop? Fear not! Elk City Records stocks some the best and rarest vinyl finds around, and the staff is happy to “talk shop”. Their turntable spin all day with great vinyl music – stop in for a listen!

Capitol Clay Arts Company
Capitol Clay Arts is a haven for potters and “mud slingers”. You can take classes, shop pottery, and load up on supplies of every variety. Capitol Clay Arts specializes in providing affordable, quality clay, and they will fire your work for you, even if it wasn’t created in their studio. The thriving community of clay artists caters to beginners and professionals alike.

Lost Legion Games and Comics, The Rifleman
Gamers and comic book collectors know that The Rifleman is a hidden gem in the Charleston area. Offerings include a new selection of comics every week and a wide variety of gaming events. Miniatures, action figures, modeling supplies and more make The Rifleman a singular haven.

Peanut Shoppe in CharlestonThe Peanut Shoppe
Be sure to make the trip from your Charleston apartment to the treat shop that has made the mouths of children and adults water since it was established by Delbert Moore for Planters in 1950. The Moore family has run the shop in the same location for the past 60 years. Delicious shop-made candy, fresh roasted nuts, and brightly colored confections will take you back to the magic of being a “kid in a candy shop”.

The Village Sampler (Pat’s Place)
The Village Sample has everything you’ll ever need for any kind of needlework you can imagine, but the true treasure at the heart of the shop is Pat and her passion for cross-stitch. Beginners can take classes, and more experienced visitors will revel in the selection of charts, threads, fabric, printed embroidery canvasses, and accessories.

Charleston’s vibrant shopping experience gives you the perfect opportunity to find exactly what you’re looking for (or didn’t know you were looking for) right near your Charleston apartment – it’s time to go shopping!

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