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Happy Halloween – Fun Spooky Treats!

Happy Halloween – Fun Spooky Treats!

Wexford wishes everyone a fun and safe Halloween this year!  Halloween is a yearly event where you can get pretty creative with your recipes. Whether you are hosting a party with fun cocktails or making ghost cupcakes, chocolate spiders and more there are tons of things to do for Halloween-themed ideas.  Don’t forget our Move in Special Treats this season!



Here’s a cute recipe for Spooky Spider Treats:

Bend black licorice lace into semicircles. Spread some chocolate from melted chocolate chips on bottom of chocolate-covered marshmallow cookie.


4 pieces of black licorice lace

1 tbsp chocolate chips

1 chocolate covered marshmallow cookie

2 chocolate chips

1. Bend licorice lace into semicircles.  Spread some chocolate from melted chips on bottom of cookie. Press licorice into chocolate for 8 spider legs. Dip 2 chocolate chips in melted chocolate; attach for eyes. Refrigerate 10 minutes.

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