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Be a Good Neighbor: Pet Etiquette in an Apartment Community

Be a Good Neighbor: Pet Etiquette in an Apartment Community

Your Charleston apartment home is exactly what you wanted, and their pet friendly community dog park is a wonderful bonus – Fluffy loves meeting new pup friends. There’s no denying that your apartment community is perfect for you, so of course, you want to be a good pet parent and community member, too. The following tips will give you and Fluffy the right stuff to be model neighbors.

Make your apartment pet proof to prevent accidents and keep your pet safe. Prevent costly damage (and the possible loss of your security deposit) by hiding electrical cords and creating safe play and scratching areas for your pet. If your dog is usually alone for most of the day, he may benefit from the use of a crate to create a safe space where he can wait for you to return.

cat in pet-friendly apartmentIf you have a cat, keep your feline friend inside at all times unless he is in a crate or a leash. Windows should be screened and doors should be kept closed so that your cat can’t escape, and make sure he doesn’t have to access balconies. Roaming cats create property damage and spread disease, making them a nuisance to community members, so keep your cat inside your apartment.

Keep up with a regular cleaning schedule and attend to all messes as soon as you can. Cat litter boxes need to be cleaned regularly and dispose of waste appropriately – your neighbors may be sensitive to litter boxes that aren’t changed daily. Vacuum frequently to prevent dog and cat hair from drifting into common areas where it can create problems for allergy sufferers, and keep your neighbors from stepping into a messy situation by always cleaning up after your dog.

dog at pet-friendly apartment communityPets should be well groomed – apartment community members will enjoy visiting with your dog much more if he smells nice and looks neat and clean. Implement effective and reliable flea control for your pet – fleas spread disease quickly and can infest common areas easily. Your pet should be up to date on all vaccinations that are required by law to protect you, your neighbors and your pets from dangerous diseases.

Take some time to brush up on Fifi’s obedience training. Your dog should be leashed whenever she is not in the dog park or within your own apartment, and she should have good manners so that you never have to drag a barking, snapping beast away from your neighbor’s children or other community pets. Teach your dog a command to be quiet to help minimize noise, and give her plenty of toys to keep her occupied if you are away so she won’t be tempted to bark and annoy your a dog for apartment living

Apartment dogs need plenty exercise to keep them from becoming bored, so get your pup out for a long walk regularly. Your apartment community dog park can help you meet neighbors with dogs your pet might enjoy playing with – set up a “puppy play date” and make a new friend for Rover. If you work during the day and your pet is left alone for long intervals of time, think about hiring a dog walker to prevent bad habits by breaking up the monotony of the day.

NEVER allow any pet to access a balcony without supervision. It is perfectly acceptable to install a small patch of “doggie grass” or a litter box on a balcony to be used by a new puppy or pet who has difficulty making it to a common area, but be conscientious about keeping this area clean so your neighbors won’t be offended by odors. If your dog is elderly or you have a new puppy, you might prefer a ground floor apartment to make those frequent “potty trips” easier for you and your pet.

cat in apartmentConsider your neighbors when you develop your pet’s bathroom schedule. Whenever possible, prevent bathroom trips at odd hours when most people are sleeping. If you must make trips out very late or very early, try to be as quiet as possible be to avoid waking others.

Discuss your pet’s needs and size honestly with your landlord. If you follow all the rules and requirements of your apartment community, the apartment community management will be more likely to work with you to make you and your pet comfortable. The basis for their requirements lies in their experience and their desire to optimize the ability to meet the needs of pets and their owners.

Charleston is a great town to enjoy an apartment home with a pet! Follow these simple guidelines and you can maximize the benefits of living in a pet-friendly apartment community with your best friend.

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